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AsynchroSerial component headaches with KL46Z

Question asked by Russell Sher on May 9, 2015
Latest reply on May 17, 2015 by Russell Sher

I am using the KL46Z board:

If I send characters such as:



Only the ‘a’ was sent…

Then I realized that if I include a delay between sending, then it worked.

After that I enabled interrupts to use AS1_SendBlock

If I then do any uart function – either AS1_SendChar or AS1_SendBlock

The program sends one character  and then hangs.

By the way - how (and when) would you use   AS1_Enable();

I get 'undefined reference' to it  (with interrupts enabled for ASerialLdd1)



(I still cannot enter debug mode at all and can only drop and drag to the folder to run code.)