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Enter Recovery Mode Through JTAG

Question asked by Roman Schnarwiler on May 8, 2015
Latest reply on May 8, 2015 by Roman Schnarwiler

Is it possible to enter recovery mode on i.MX6 Solo and DualLite through some JTAG commands. I'm looking for the easiest way possible, as we plan to use a bit-bang JTAG approach without  any predefined configuration files, etc like would be available on e.g. Lauterbach. I'm thinking about a simple IR and DR combination to modify the GPR9 and 10 register. Or a simple way of loading a small assembler code into internal ram and execute this. Any solution is OK as long as it can be done through JTAG only.

We would like to enter recovery mode on a device where the HW recovery mode (BOOT_MODE0) pin isn't available.

We just started looking at this, so any input or suggestion might be helpful.