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i.MX287- issue with building the manufacturing firmware

Question asked by Kiran Nevaskar on May 7, 2015

Hi jimmychan and community members,


Thanks for support.

I am trying to build manufacturing firmware for iMX287.

Issue 1:

Step 1: I am using "./ltib -c" to configure kernel, packages and "./ltib -p boot_stream.spec -f" prepares rootfs and boot images.

Step 2: After this I use "./ltib --selectype" to generate updater for NAND.

In this step I am not able to see packages selected by me in step 1.

If I make any changes in list of packages in step 2 and generate updater and again issue "./ltib --selectype" to see confirm updated list of packages.

But no new changes are not set.


If I again execute step 1 then all my changes are lost.

I am not able to figureout this issue.


Issue 2:

I want to enable bridging on iMX287. I have enabled bridge-utils and 802.1d support in kernel.

It gets compiled and works on SD card well. But as soon as enable manufacturing firmware option during configuration "./ltib -c" it gives error while building.

If I uncheck bridge-utils support then it builds well.


net/built-in.o: In function `br_forward_finish':

sysctl_net.c:(.text+0x274a0): undefined reference to `nf_hook_slow'

sysctl_net.c:(.text+0x274bc): undefined reference to `nf_hooks'

net/built-in.o: In function `__br_forward':


Detailed error log is attached.



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