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How to convert program data from mc9s12q to mc9s12gc/c family?

Question asked by Timur Kuramshin on May 7, 2015




I have TBDML and USBDM on jb16.

I have two same devices - one is work, another have firmware brocken. Working - is 12c128, brocken is 12q128.

I want to copy from one to another, can you give me refernce how to maybe reallocate my firmware or maybe

here is using some converter. Very needed.





Also want to ask which is right way to write from workable mcu to another area from 0x0 to 0x4000, and all after 0xFFFF. Because normally

by usbdm i can copy only 0x4000 to 0xFFFF. Looks like some compability problem, but maybe needed some converter soft or another way

to write it.