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how to configure systick in MQX using timer interrupt instead of internal systick interrupt

Question asked by virendra patel on May 6, 2015
Latest reply on May 18, 2015 by soledad

  Hi ,

We want to use a timer2 interrupt(FTM2,vector 80 ) instead of internal systick interrupt(_int_kernel_isr, vector 15) for 5ms system tick for MQX .


We have configure timer2 interrupt which generate a interrupt on 5ms, we want to use this timer2 interrupt to generate systick for MQX scheduler.


Can we use timer2 interrupt(FTM2) to generate systick for MQX scheduler instead of internal  5ms systick interrupt?


If yes, How we can configure timer2 for 5ms system tick in MQX BSP? what are the changes to be done in MQX BSP?


Or Can we change the priority of internal systick interrupt?