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Is it possible to programm a KEA128 device on a selfmade-board via the OpenSDA interface of the TRAK-KEA128 evaluation board?

Question asked by Maximilian Kempa on May 6, 2015
Latest reply on May 7, 2015 by Hui_Ma

I want to connect the Evaluation Board via USB with my computer. Then I want to conect J12 (SWD Programming Connector) of the evaluation kit with the corresponding pins of the KEA128-MCU on my own board. Afterwards I want to flash the MCU on my own board with CodeWarrior by using the OpenSDA Target connection. I tried it now a few times but the debugging process always at 71% with the following error message: "ARM GDI Protocol Adapter : Can't connect. The Debugger can not connect to the P&E device".


Is this doable at all or do I need to purchase an external programmer like   "P&E’s USB Multilink Universal"?