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eglSwapBuffers appears to silently fail

Question asked by Tom Hirst on May 6, 2015

We have come across a problem using Qt5 on the imx6 (OpenGL ES/EGL on the framebuffer), where by after a while alternate calls (or 2 in every 3 if using triple buffering) to eglSwapBuffers appear to fail - as in the output on the screen does not change. When it gets into this state we also see tearing and other symptoms as if we were using single buffering.  If we only use single buffering the problem does not occur, but the tearing we get then doesn't make this a suitable work around. Details are below


  • The board is a SECOμSBC-i.MX6 Dual (also occurs on a quad)
  • Kernel and drivers are from imx_3.10.17_1.0.0_ga (also tested on 3.14.24_1.0.0_ga with the same results)
  • Output is HDMI @ 1920x1080 - it has been seen to occur at lower resolutions, but less frequently
  • Problem seems to occur after the application has been running for a period of time, but can be triggered by unplugging/replugging the HDMI


Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this, or any pointers what could be happening?

Many thanks