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UART receive in twrk65f180m missing bytes?

Question asked by Vivek Srinivasan on May 6, 2015
Latest reply on May 18, 2015 by Vivek Srinivasan
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Hi everyone,


I'm using the following board and OS,


                              Board : twrk65f180m

                              OS     :  MQX


I'm trying to communicate with the Bluetooth chip. I don't know how many bytes I will be receiving. For example this is my Tx and Rx bytes.


                                   Tx          -      0x01 0x03 0x0c 0x00

                                   Rx          -      0x04 0x0E 0x04 0x01 0x03 0x0c 0x00


The receive bytes will come together and there are no delays in between them. When I try to read them one by one like below


                              *lengthRead = _io_read((MQX_FILE_PTR)handle, (void*)buf, (_mqx_int) 1);


It just reads the first byte and then the next time it goes and waits for the next byte. Wheras there should be remaining 6 bytes that it should read. It seems like it has no buffer.


But when I try to read them all at once like below.


                              *lengthRead = _io_read((MQX_FILE_PTR)handle, (void*)buf, (_mqx_int) 7);


It returns all the 7 bytes without any issue.


I'm using ittyd to communicate with the bluetooth chip. I've even set the buffer size to a maximum of 256 bytes.


#define BSPCFG_SCI3_QUEUE_SIZE             256



Can anyone tell me why can't I read those bytes one by one? If there is a buffer all those bytes should be stored and I can retrieve those bytes the next time right?


Also, I'm using two UART's for my application ittyc (default) and ittyd.


Your help is much appreciated. Thank you.