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Get header files into sysroot

Question asked by Kevin Dankwardt on May 4, 2015

I need xmlreader.h from libxml2.


I can build it and I get an xmlreader.h but it does not appear in the installed sysroot.


I do:

bitbake libxml2

bitbake fsl-toolchain

bitbake fsl-image-core  # it says nothing needed to be done

cd tmp/deploy/sdk ; ./


After doing that the file xmlreader.h is no where to be found in the installed directories, it is however, under ./work in a number of places and at




How can I get it installed into my sysroot when I run ./  ?


Also, while I am at it, I haven't found anywhere in the Freescale documentation where it explains these kinds of sequences of steps to add new libraries, header files, etc. Any pointers to the place in the documentation should prevent some future questions.


Thanks a lot,