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Question regarding external RAM configuration MC9S12A512.

Question asked by noob on May 4, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by Edward Karpicz

Good morning


I'm a really new freescale user. I have a question regarding external RAM. I'm trying to do a software to test an external memory by writting and reading dummy data on all the memory bytes.

The Ram is connected by PORT A /B  ( 13 bits) and K (3bits).


In my .PRM file I defined my paged ram like this (I put only the PAGE 1 for exemple):


PAGE_01   = READ_WRITE   0x010000 TO 0x012000;


But when I debug my software with the CW simulator and I try to write something on this page  I have an error message, 

No memory at [XXXXXX:2].


I don't know if it is a simulator issue ? is it possible to emulate external ram with the CW simulator ?


Thanks in advance.