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I2S KSDK driver is working?

Question asked by Matheus Pinto on May 4, 2015
Latest reply on May 11, 2015 by Ondrej Lutera



I'm trying to use I2S module from  MK22FN512 in FRDM-K22F board, with the KSDK + Processor expert.

I used the fsl_sai component as shown in the figure below:




Basically I used the bean's default settings. However, the program is stuck in a line code generated by the PE.

The line of code are highlighted in the figure below.


halt i2s.png


As can be seen in the next figure extracted from the device's manual, it is a register indicating whether the device clock may or

not be updated.


rascunho imagem.png


The code appears to have been poorly designed, should not get stuck in this condition. What can I do? Programming using registers?

Freescale does not seem to give much support for I2S module.