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We would like to change the output voltages of the MMPF0100 using I2C and there is Ambiguity regarding

Question asked by Sanjay Anand on May 3, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2015 by Sanjay Anand

In the pre-Programmed F3 version if the VDDOTP pin is connected to ground so the MMPF0100 powers on with the predefined voltages and we wanted to change some of the voltages to our requirement on the custom board in the bootloader of IMX6 quad .
We are not able to understand as to when exactly will the output voltages change after the I2C programming.
-Will the Changes through the I2C programming reflect Immediately ?? or

- should we reset the the MMPF0100 using the PWRON pin??



One more Question on the same line

According to the datasheet of the MMPF0100  if we get a Non -Programmed part and connect VDDOTP pin to GND it wont start up.

So when we do I2c Programming for this when will the output change? (this is of critical importance because we want proper out put sequencing as we are planning to use this to power up FPGA.)


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Sanjay Anand