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MPX5700AP and other pressure sensors failling, can't get to know why

Question asked by valentin fage on May 3, 2015
Latest reply on May 4, 2015 by Joshevelle

Hi all,


I've recently bought severals sensor pressure from the Freescale brand, the MPX5700AP was the most appropriate as it is a 700kpa pressure sensor. I needed it to measure the pressure in my air pneumatic circuit of maximum 45PSI. All of the sensors I had died in few hours. I can't understand why. They're all receiving 5V in Vcc in pin 3. Pin 2 is linked to ground. Pin 1 to an arduino analog pin.


Why are they dying? Is this an electrical circuit issue? If yes, what is the correct way to plug them into an electrical circuit? My V supply is limited to 5V so I don't see how they could have received over voltage or so forth. Same for Over pressure, my compressor can't go over 60PSI.


MPX5700AP are normallt 4.75V to 5.25 in full span now the Vout is  around 1V to 1.50V ish for one of them. I have no idea why they're stop functinning. Are they really sensible? Is it because I'm using pneumatic air and therfore it "can" contain humidy? Is there any electrical schematic I should use that i'm not? I'm completely lost here


Any idea on the matter would be glady appreciated