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Setting LINFlexD DMATXE/DMARXE for ports > 0 on MPC5777M?

Question asked by chrismorrison on May 2, 2015
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I would like to enable DMA on the LINFlexD ports of the MPC5777M.

Part of this involves setting the DMATXE and DMARXE registers.


Setting the values on port 0 works:

LINFlexD_0.DMATXE.R = 0x00000001; /* register is updated */

LINFlexD_0.DMARXE.R = 0x00000001; /* register is updated */


Trying to do the same on any of the other ports seems to have no effect

LINFlexD_1.DMATXE.R = 0x00000001; /* register is not updated */

LINFlexD_1.DMARXE.R = 0x00000001; /* register is not updated */

Is there something else required before these registers are writable?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.