Kevin Francis

CMX USB Stack for MCF5253?

Discussion created by Kevin Francis on Nov 20, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2007 by Matthew Peters
I recently started working with the M5253EVB evaluation board.  We were particularly interested in USB support and the "Complimentary USB Stack from CMX" that we saw mentioned in various documentation (and listed on the MCF5253 poster).  However, I was unable to find any CMX USB Stack on any of the CDs that shipped with the board.  After finding and downloading the CMXUSB_LITE from the website I discovered that it only supports the mcf5222x family.  I tried to get this to work with the mcf5253 but it does not appear to be easily portable.
Is there another version of the CMX USB stack that supports the MCF5253 as advertised?  If not, are we forced to port this ourselves (or start from scratch), and is there documentation that might assist in this process?  I expected other people would have a similar need, but I could not find any information on this subject.  Am I just missing something?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.