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MMA8451Q Z-Axis sticky

Question asked by Basil K Fee Employee on Apr 30, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2016 by David Diaz Marin



I have a customer that is developing an application using the MMA8451Q.  They are having issues where they sometimes see their module read "incorrect" data for the Z-axis.  The behavior is the Z-axis seems to get "stuck" at the max value, while the X and Y axis read application appropriate data.


Their product collects an amount of accelerometer data and sends it to the host periodically - (they call this sleep/awake cycles but it is at the product level).  Sometimes the Z-axis data is always the max value through the entire data collection period.  Other times, it starts at the max value and then begins to "work" (having correct data) for the Z-axis.   Still other times, the data is correct and then goes to the max value and is stuck there for the rest of the period.


Again, this "stuck at max value" only seems to be associated with the Z-axis data, the X&Y data is "correct" all the time.   Is this type of behavior indicative of a known failure as a result of exceeding the g rating for the axis or for any other known type of failure or misapplication?


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