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QSPI0 Flash Mis-read

Question asked by Peter Woolley on Apr 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2015 by Karina Valencia Aguilar

We have a situation where our M4 XIP build starts-up fine but at some point the QSPI0 attached flash starts to be mis-read.


The symptom looks like 1-bit per byte has been reset (const text has 'S' become 'Q' for example).


WIth the SAME functionality this situation goes away if some functions are moved to separate .c files, or if functions are removed from some .c files.


There appears to be no relation between the functions being moved and the symptom ... often the code is not called unless invoked from a terminal shell program.



The situation is corrected by reset, but occurs again as the code begins to run.


Does anyone have any idea what could cause this symptom?