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i.MX 6 Solo Ethernet RMII interface

Question asked by Vinayakam Mani on Apr 30, 2015
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We have followed the hardware development guide to configure the RMII interface on i.MX6 Solo based board for the external clock reference. GPIO_16 is used to get the clock from external oscillator ( 50Mhz). Configured

GPR1[21] bit to zero to pick the external clock as a clock source.


Following are relevant configurations :

0x20E0214 = 0x12 ( also tried 0x02)

0x20E05E4 =  ((1<<12)|(1<<13)|(2<<14)|(2<<6)|(6<<3)|(1<<16))

0x20E080C = 0x00


0x20C406c =     Read(0x20C406c) |  3<<10





The question is apart from these configuration anything else missed to get Ethernet working with respect to clock configuration?  though we have valid TX descriptor data, don't seeing TX_EN line assertion for transmission. Apart from external clock config, any other system clock configuration dependency is there MAC to do transmit and receive. The clock source is reliable since we tested Ethernet working in U boot. facing this issue with nucleus environment. External clock is reference to transmit/receive/Management. the management interface with PHY is working as expected, only transmit/receive is failing.