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Need MC56F84543 Vdd power on ramp up specification/Delta

Question asked by Yi Min Hsu Employee on Apr 30, 2015
Latest reply on May 21, 2015 by Richy Ye

Hello Richy,


Delta Shanghai report that MC56F84543 is latched up by a tiny ramp up voltage 0V~0.4V input to ADC pin when power on. This tiny voltage can be measured on Vdd, Reset as well, which means the system send power to Vdd later than other pins. Customer need our Vdd power on ramp up specification to modify their H/W circuit. Thanks for help.


Project is Baidu server power 2000W PFC, socket is MC56F84543VLH, GIBC is 1-1P4H1MP, LTR is $223.36K.


The signal description of waveform as below:

CH1(Yellow)GPIOA6(Pin10), used for test toggle signal. High steady means DSC does not work.

CH2(Green): Vdd.

CH3(Red): ResetB.

CH4(Blue):12V power source to Vdd 3.3V.

84543 latched up.jpg

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Moris Hsu