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Issues loading bsp in MT29F2G08ABBEAH4 micron nand flash

Question asked by Victor Linnik Employee on Apr 30, 2015
Latest reply on May 5, 2015 by Adeneo Engineering Team

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Our customer is triing to boot Windows Embedded Compact 7 from MT29F2G08ABBEAH4:E Micron NAND flash on i.MX51 board


They have follow the pdf AN3986, Changing the i.MX51 NAND Flash Model for Windows Embedded CE TM 6.0 and i am using the BSP version WCE700_11.06.01_ER.

They added the file and MT29F2G08.h in following path:


As the pdf AN3986 mentioned they have created the environment variable BSP_NAND_ MT29F2G08.

They selected the catlog item under storage device /MSflash drivers/ Flash MDD and rebuilt the OS image.


Then they are getting this using Mfgtools-Rel- to burn eboot.nb0 and nk.nb0 files:


Windows CE Kernel for ARM (Thumb Enabled) Built on Aug  4 2010 at 14:23:58

INFO:OALLogSetZones: dpCurSettings.ulZoneMask: 0xb

OEMInit:  silicon r

Ù= 0x20

BoardID = 0x0.

OALIoCtlHalInitRTC(2006/1/1 12:0:0.000)

        OTG : Load HCD

        OTG : Unload HCD

        OTG : Load UFN

BOT_InternalInit with Drivers\Active\15

Exception 'Data Abort' (4): Thread-Id=015a0006(pth=832402f4), Proc-


prc=80589308) 'NK.EXE', VM-active=017f0002(pprc=9662db40)



RA=c0153848(gwes.dll+0x00053848) SP=d079fdd8, B


UFN_ATTACH with key = Drivers\Active\15

UFN_CONFIGURED: BOT_OpenInterface again

UTP command:Media type: NAND.

UTP command:QueryStoreStatus.

UTP command:Check if disk is ready.

Please be patient to wait...

Send storage disk name: DSK1:.

Send time out: 10.

Opening disk DSK1: failed.Error code is 4319

Opening disk DSK1: failed.Error code is 4319

Opening disk DSK1: failed.Error code is 4319