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T4240, can't burn flash from u-boot. Any suggestions?

Question asked by R D on Apr 30, 2015



We can burn flash all day long using CodeWarrior, but we are unable to program from u-boot. Any thoughts on where to start debuging this issue?


We can do read device ID commands with no problem (see attached snapshot; that's a valid Intel ID) , meaning write/read activity from the u-boot command prompt are responding so I was wondering if there is any particular feature in the CW flash access which is different from u-boot (other than the CFI commands being misaligned) so with that in mind I was wondering if anyone could share the .tcl scripts found in the bring-up documentation "Board Bringup Using CodeWarrior"? Thinking this is somewhere to start looking into this.

(erase_sector and write_flash) so I can run a sanity check. Perhaps it's a x8 vs. x16 address alignment don't know yet.


I am thinking of continuing to look at the flash CFI structure to see if we are doing anything out of the ordinary.


I appreciate your help.



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