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Flash data retention of S12ZVM

Question asked by Ikki Shingu on Apr 30, 2015



Please tell me the interpretation of Flash data retention of S12ZVM.


There is the description on S12ZVM RM Table F-5 as below

Data retention at an average junction temperature of TJavg = 85°C(1)

after up to 10,000 program/erase cycles tNVMRET : min 20 years, typ 100 years


I translate this description literally, then I can understand the contents as below,

1. At first, S12ZVM Flash is programed/erased 10,000 cycles at Freescale test sites.

2. After 1., Freescale tests the data retention time using "the ragged Flash" with the threshold equivalent 20 years by Arrhenius equation.


It is not natural for me, however is my understanding correct?


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