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iMX53 DDR_Stress_Test, No UART Rx

Question asked by stevenconway on Apr 29, 2015

Hi all,


I have a custom iMX53 board with DDR3 memory that I'm trying to run the DDR_Stress_Test.exe (1.0) for MX53). I'm able to load the image to the processor, but when asked for the chip density I don't get a response from the iMX53.


My setup is as follows:

     1. COM1 from the PC connected to UART2 on the iMX board as our board has remapped UART1 to ALT3.

     2. UART1(ALT3) is then connected to another COM port on my PC (COM6) to a terminal emulator running 115200 8n1

     3. Modified the example DDR3 inc file (as attached) to

          a. Change the original UART1 pins (CSI0_DAT10 and CSI0_DAT11)  to ALT0

          b. Set PATA_DMACK and PATA_DIOW to ALT3 (UART1 RX and TX)


          d. Modified the DDR setup registers to match my DDR3 configuration.


As mentioned the download seems to work and with the following output on the command line:

C:\My Apps\iMX53\DDR_Stress_Tester_for MX51_MX53>DDR_Stress_Tester.exe -t mx53 -df -com 1


Image loading...

download Image to IRAM OK


Running DDR test..., press "ESC" key to exit.


and on the terminal emulator:


    DDR Stress Test (1.0) for MX53

    Build: Apr 13 2011, 13:44:13

    Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Please select the DDR density per chip select (in bytes) on the board

Type 0 for 128MB; 1 for 64MB; 2 for 32MB; 3 for 16MB


When I try to enter an option (pressing the '3' key) there is no response from the iMX. I think the iMX is not receiving any characters, and I've confirmed on a scope it is electrically working (i.e. I see the signal on UART1_RX.ALT3 pin) so I'm at a loose end.


Any thoughts?


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