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K64F Customized board testing

Question asked by Fahd Ansary on Apr 29, 2015
Latest reply on May 18, 2015 by vicentegomez


I am using a customized K64F board. This board is modified FRDM board design, just to program the controller and running the RGB light demo and some io pins.

I am trying to program this using another FRDM board JTAG Connector.

My problem is how to check if my board, just after component soldering, is ok or not?

Is there any particular pin which I need to check for some high or low voltage levels?

I tried checking Reset pin, that shows logic low level (0.15V) and crystal, which did not displayed a clear waveform.

I am waiting for some components before I can program through FRDM Board so cannot check programming of board.

Please revert on what can give indication of board might work or not.