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How Set FTMx_CNT and FTMy_CNT to 0 (CNTIN) in the same time?

Question asked by arnogir on Apr 29, 2015
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I'm working on a K60.

I would like synchronize FTM0_CNT and FTM3_CNT.

"Synchronize" means that both FTM0 and FTM3 counters have the same value at any instant.


This subject link bellow has an example, but not explain how do it. So in the  code, I don't see any line which could resolve my problem.

Re: How to sync FTM modules on K60.


Then, what is the way to do it? Which register must I configure to do it?



My use is to generate pulse to drive 8 stepper motor. Then I combine FTM0 CH0/CH1(Motor1), CH2/CH3(Motor2), CH4/CH5(Motor3), CH6/CH7(Motor4) and  FTM3 CH0/CH1(Motor5), CH2/CH3(Motor6), CH4/CH5(Motor7), CH6/CH7(Motor8).

But motors must move in the same time, so FTM0 counter and FTM3 counter have to be synchronized.