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Linux image with USB3 over PCIe and usb-wifi(rtl8188)

Question asked by vivek raj on Apr 28, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2015 by Yuri Muhin

Hello all,

Its been pretty long time around 5 years for me since i worked on linux.. But now I'm Back ..

I'm trying to build linux image for our project which must have wifi over usb using rtl8188 chipset and USB3 over mini PCIe.

I went through couple of projects discussion, blogs, forums and tutorials and still trying.. after all I'm here to ask your help..

I've couple of questions, kindly help me getting this done...



1.which one is good or prefferable? Yocto or LTIB or Buildroot??(I read about ltib and stopped working on it now)

2.based on the toolchain how can I enable support for USB3 over PCIe and USB Wifi for rtl8188? (it may anything kernel config, dependency, packages)..

3.which kernel version and yocto image to consider? release or community bsp? if i use buildroot again which version?

I'm not really looking for some gui image(sato,fsl-gui, wandboard) as it is not the priority, if I've to consider it is fine for me..

currently I'm building the core-image-minimal and base, adding packagegroup-base, wireless-tools, wpa-supplicant, iw, linux-firmware, pci in local.conf file(are there any other package to be added??).....

4.can I connect usb HUB on ttymxc0? is it is a usb port or serial with ftdi chip on it?


I spent a month building the images to support all above mentioned parameters, but still no success.... ...