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T2080RDB SPI Flash

Question asked by Hawk Kim on Apr 28, 2015
Latest reply on May 7, 2015 by Hawk Kim



While evaluating T2080RDB, I came across an issue related with SPI flash.


The thing is , upon power up, it works quite well. I can probe, create JFFS2 file system, mount it, and use it.
But when I reboot (not power off/power on), the system fails to read JEDEC ID of the SPI flash.

And if this happens, no matter what I do, the SPI flash doesn't work. But if I power off/on again, the flash starts working again.


Adding one more thing, while investigating this issue suspecting chip reset upon reboot, I found out that there is no RESET pin on the n25q512ax3 flash chip.


I'm using V1.7 SDK with DTB patch on n25q512ax3 flash chip.


Any idea will be appreciated.