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Interfacing K53 and TWR-LCD-RGB

Question asked by Elisa Mejia on Apr 27, 2015
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I'm working on an application using the TWR-K53N512 system, but I need to show some signals and graphs in an LCD. I was thinking about using the TWR-LCD-RGB but just found out that it doesn't have any native interface with this kind of LCDs. So, I have three options:


1. Use the TWR-LCD with the K53.

2. Use another knietis microcontroller, as the K40 or K70, which supports the TWR-LCD-RGB.

3. Develop my own interface.


I have no experience using Freescale systems, so I'm not sure which of these options is better.


Could anyone help me with some guidelines so I can decide what to do?


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