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FXLC95000 Strange behavior after sending "boot to flash" sequence.

Question asked by Vitaliy Siplichuk on Apr 27, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2015 by James Mcglasson

Hello everyone!

I have KITFXLC95000EVM board and Demo project "AccelMag_Project". I send command "Boot to flash" via Mailbox Tool:

29 00 FF FF FF FF

and I have answer from FXLC95000. After that I can make settings for sensors and I can read sensors data. Everything is good.

Bun then I try to make it in my own real device I have stange behavior of FXLC95000CL:

I send:
00 00
Everything is good. I have device info answer. Then I try to send
29 00 FF FF FF FF

But there are NACKs after 29 00 on FF FF FF FF. After that KITFXLC95000EVM does not work. After that I have FF-answer on all my commands untill I make power reset!!!
After that I can read device info with command 00 00 again. And I have normal answer on all my commands except 29 00 FF FF FF FF.
Picture of command is in the file.


So my question is: How to make it works???