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K22F flash memory speed

Question asked by Jacques Charreyron on Apr 25, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2015 by Mark Butcher



I have a strange behavior on my K22F custom board. I can not run flash memory at full speed.


Let me explain a little bit what we did :

     We have developped a test program thanks to the FRDM K22 dev board. It works OK with core @ 12OMHz bus @ 60 MHz and flash @ 24 Mhz (Divisor = 5)

     Then we switched to our production board :  We can only run the test program with core @ 12OMHz bus @ 60 MHz BUT flash at @ 17 Mhz.(Divisor = 7)

     (With the P&E debugger we saw corrupted memory readings)


We are still investigating our hardware layout (power, decoupling capacitor ...) but we are very close to the FRDMK22 design.


Does anyone encountered this strange issue before?


Thanks for your help.