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Helloooo I need HELP !!!!!!

Discussion created by ahmad madi on Nov 17, 2007
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hi every one ,

i this my first time i post a thread , my company uses the CodeWarrior, and assigned me to deal with it , unfortunatly it is my first time using it and i have some problems that i still young to deal with it :smileyhappy: , my bproblems now is dealing with the database in the palmOS , i created database open it handeld the first record , and even wrote on the record , but when i traced it , it has no values :smileysad: , so i decided to make the creation and the opening the DB in the application startup , an error memory occured ! what shoul i do ??  i would like to ask you to tell me a way to deal with the dataBase in the palm OS , like giving me a link to some tutorial or examples .

Note : i use codeWarrior 7

                                                                                         thanks alot

                                                                                          best regards