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TWRK60F120M :  cpu runs only in debug mode

Question asked by Angelo Dattilo on Apr 24, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2015 by Angelo Dattilo


I'm working with TWRK60F120M. I'm using eclipse IDE, with gcc compiler, GDB + openocd for debugging.

My debug interface is osbdm.

I wrote a simple code  and I flash it into the device. The code runs perfectly.

After that I powered off the device e re -powerd it on. The code doesn't run.

I saw with the oscilloscope the reset-b signal and it is floating between 400mV and 1.88V

I think that the watchdog resets the cpu (because it is enabled by default ). My code disables watchdog at startup, but

I think that after a poweron it fails to execute wdog disable because it is resetted before.

I read a lot of discussion about this problem, that can be caused by  several reasons

I saw with the oscilloscope the EZP_CS signal and it is high (the device doesn't enter in EzPort mode).

Do you have any suggestions?