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MPC5606B : Cannot Flash

Question asked by hyeong seok choi on Apr 24, 2015

Hi. I'm doing my term project in laboratory.

And the RSTLED which is located in D7 is always turned on.

At first I thought my MPC has broken, so I changed it 5 times and still same things happen. It really blows me up....... 5 MPCs...

What I found is when I download my files into USB, it works. And the board normally works. But after downloading the codes, and after whenever I try to sequencely turn off and on my mpc, there is nothing left in my board...So this is the reason why I'm thinking this problem as downloading to flash is unavailable now.

I'm using sbc power source and giving a 5V power into my board. And sure I made my jumper correctly to the place where it should into. Also I checked my voltage so many times but it is O.K. really..  

So.... really I don't have any idea why this is happening.  If the RSTLED turning on means that my board is broken, I might be the one who has broken 5 MPCboards....

please give me the right answer to this question... I'll be looking forward to getting answers from you guys!!