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Question asked by Ray Metz on Apr 24, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2015 by Ray Metz

When I hold in RESET, connect to my laptop USB, and release RESET, I get a BOOTLOADER drive in Ubuntu Linux 14.10.  I open the SDA_INFO.HTM and get this...


Board Name is: FRDM-KL25Z

MicroBoot Kernel Version is: 1.05

Bootloader Version is: 1.09     (I believe I want this to say 1.11)

Application Version is: 0.00  (I believe I want this to say

PEMicro FRDM-KL25Z Mass Storage/Debug App

Application Version is: 1.14  ??)


DUID is: 15833938-AE6C81CB-3780E805-BA9BE678

EUID is: 1D21A239-410E8741-18800A22-A0A468D6

TUID is: 74823938-473281CF-375C981C-B85CE678

TOA is: 86B6E505-DD85231C-41E6B687-89728A14

TOA2 is: 86B6E505-CE21DE8B-CDE430D7-CA7FFCD5

SUID is: 86B6E505-6C47A61D-37239804-8003EC65


Stickers on my board say:

700-27556 rev A

SCH-27556 rev F

serial number EB14400292


How do I know if this is the latest or not?


I downloaded from, unzipped, and see these:






What's the difference between these files?  Do I need to install them in any order or all at once?  I tried copying each of the three .SDA and .BIN files to my BOOTLOADER drive and restarting my FRDM board, but they just disappear and I don't see any version numbers changing in SDA_INFO.HTM.  Do I already have the latest version?  I see 108, 111, and ,114 on the files, but only 105 and 109 on my SDA_INFO.HTM so I don't think it installed.


Also, when I first plugged in my FRDM-KL25Z, it slowly blinked though 8 colors then the accelerometer fade mode.  Now when I plug it in without holding RESET, it just sits black with no LEDs.  I'm not sure if I ruined the software somehow.  It also used to appear as a FRDM-KL25Z drive with these files:







Now, I don't get anything.unless I do the RESET BOOTLOADER mode.  Did I brick my board?  Good thing they are only $13.  I have two more on the way.




Ray Metz