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Can't get CAN reception interrupt

Question asked by Hancheng YANG on Apr 24, 2015



Recently I transmitted my work from CW 10.6 with KE06 to KDS with K64F, both with MQX Lite and PEx.


Firstly I would like to ask that I cannot get work with PEx, KSDK, because it said : "Processor Expert does not support KSDK 1.1.0-GA for board FRDM_K64F" when I try to create the project.


It's because the problem above that I continued to use MQXLite. I connected the CANRx and CANTx with externel CAN bus controller, I always can't enter the CAN reception interrupt with CAN transmission successful. In the loop mode I got the same result. Nothings received.


So please help me.



YANG Hancheng

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