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i.MX28: Boot on SPI Flash and usb_loader

Question asked by Gaetan CARLIER on Apr 24, 2015
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I am currently designing a board based on a i.MX28 and I have some questions:

1) As I am working under Linux and MfgTools (Mfgtools-Rel- only provides Windows binary, is the usb_loader tool (git repo git:// works with i.MX28 to program SPI memory ?

1a) If yes, does it works with SPI NAND (Winbond W25X series) or does usb recovery mode only support SPI-NOR ?

1b) Do you have any config file for usb_loader to program SPI flash?


2) For the PSWITCH pin, can this pin directly linked to VDDXTAL at power-up in running mode.

To first-time program SPI flash memory, I will force PSWITCH pin to VDDIO_3V3 at power-up and then apply VDDXTAL (using jumper) before resetting board to access newly programmed bootloader


3) Does any Winbond W25X SPI flash memories work or only W25X10/W25X80 work ?


Thank you for your help.

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