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Freedom board KL26Z128, error: - No source available for "0x000006F4 (0x000006F4)() ".....

Question asked by Omar Valle Casas on Apr 23, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2015 by Omar Valle Casas

Hi, we're with several Freedom boards KL26Z128, and we are presenting the following problem trying to program it. We're using Codewarrior for MCU version 10.6, we created a project with the MCU template and we build it and debug it. Now, when using Target task for Flash Programming we get this error: - No source available for "0x000006F4 (0x000006F4)() " -.

Our goal is to program the Freedom board Kinetics FRDM-KL26Z128 with gyro adition by SPI and FXOS8700CQ tilt-compensated compass for Sensor Fusion using this board.

Could someone give us a clue?


CW KL26Z.jpg