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How do I access the FRDM Multi-B SD Card?

Question asked by Vivian Chiang on Apr 22, 2015
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I'm a student who is relatively new to programming the FRDM Multi-B board. I would like to access the SD card on the Multi-B. I'm currently connecting it to the FRDM KL25Z.

I am trying to write data into the SD card through mbed's SD Card File System tutorial: SD Card File System - Cookbook | mbed


I'm having trouble writing data into the SD card because I'm a little unsure about where the pins of the SD card to look at. I've looked at the schematic and the board itself and came up with these pins:







I might have the pins completely wrong which may be why nothing is getting written, so I was wondering what were the pins for the SD card slot.


Also, I'm not sure if using mbed's tutorial is the best way to begin. I've tried using Kinetis Design Studio but I get confused through the components needed.

I am open to completely changing gears and trying something new!


Any help is really really appreciated!