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Can't access my KL25Z from Windows 7, 8, or Linux

Question asked by Ray Metz on Apr 21, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2015 by Ray Metz

I've never programmed a KL25Z or any ARM microcontroller for that matter.  I've been following instructions from and it says "hold in the reset, connect the board to my PC, then release reset" to get the OpenSDA chip to act like a USB stick so I can see and upgrade the software on the OpenSDA chip.  When I release reset, the tri-color LED swaps 8 colors and fades to multiple colors like normal.  Nothing seems to happen different from when I don't hold reset when connecting.


I installed the drivers from PEmicro and tried Windows 7, Ubuntu, and Windows 8.  All nothing.  I looked thorugh as well.  Stickers on my board say 700-27556 rev A, SCH-27556 rev F, serial number EB14400292


I'm not sure I need to be following PE Micro instructions at all.  Maybe you can tell me what to do so I can connect my computer to my board.  I do have KDS, Codewarrior, SDK, and PE all installed.  My blink KDS program builds just fine.  Now I want to connect and program the board.  I'll buy a programmer interface if I need to.  What do you recommend?


Any more clues?  Thanks, Ray

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