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SFP of 1000Base-X and SFP of 100Base-FX Connecting with SGMII of LS1021A

Question asked by James Sun on Apr 21, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2015 by James Sun


The SerDes high speed "SerDes Receive Data" and "SerDes Transmit Data" ports work with 1000Base-X signals of SFP. So no PHY is needed between the SFP and the SGMII ports of the LS1021A. Please confirm.


Now if the same SFP cage is plugged in by a 100Base-FX SFP, can the high speed data lines from the SFP work with the SerDes port( SerDes Receive Data" and "SerDes Transmit Data") of the LS1021A? Is it necessary to place a PHY between the SFP and the SerDes ports of the LS1021A for this lower speed? If yes, please make recommendations.