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Chromium Browser Hardware Acceleration

Question asked by sanjay dwivedi on Apr 21, 2015
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I am using chromium-40 enabled with hardware acceleration form chromium-imx provided by freescale. I am trying to play youtube video at different resolutions and I found that videos at resolution >=480p is not playing smoothly. Also CPU load is getting very high while playing youtube video i.e. 75% to 90%.


What I am suspecting is :


1. Browser is not using Hardware Acceleration as HTML5 is enabled so it may be using software acceleration.

     How can we verify that GPU and VPU is getting used while running browser? Is there any application to check GPU and VPU usage?


2. If Browser is using Hardware Acceleration then why CPU load is this much high? Do we need to have some additional configurations for settling CPU load while running Browser?


3. Is there any other browser like midori, firefox etc which supports hardware acceleration, provided by freescale yocto?


Note : I am using poky-dizzy branch for building root file system.


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Sanjay k Dwivedi