Gergely Imreh

Beta version for Yocto-based BSP for VIA VAB-820 and AMOS-820

Discussion created by Gergely Imreh on Apr 21, 2015


VIA Embedded has two i.MX6-based products so far: the VAB-820 board and the matching AMOS-820 system. We have just release the first, beta version of the new BSP that was built on Freescale's fsl-yocto-3.10.17_1.0.0. Moving from the previous LTIB to Yocto definitely has its learning curve (both for the engineers and the eventual users), hence the beta release to start testing before things are final.


I've also checked out the fsl-community-bsp-platform that is very a handy multi-repo setup, pulling in the separate layers it needs. Made a version of our beta BSP to work similarly (and thus to make the BSP code easier to distribute). The adapted version of the BSP layer is posted to OpenEmbedded Metadata Index.


I find Yocto pretty interesting, and with a bit of thought it can really shake up how companies are releasing the software for their products. Really cool that the machine support and the OS images can be separated, thus a well tested image can potentially support a company's whole lineup, while releasing fixes to hardware support does not have to wait for any OS image updates. There were thoughts before at VIA to provide multiple "Solution Packs" (and this BSP is actually the HMI Solution Pack), but before switching to Yocto there were no tools really to do that well.


We are very new to all this, so any kind of feedback is appreciated. Would also love to hear how others are using Yocto in their workflow.