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Bootloader - TWR-K60D10 -cw10.6 - AN2295

Question asked by fan xy on Apr 21, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2015 by vicentegomez

Hello everyone


I need help in a hury about the TWR-k60d10 bootloder .



I create a simple project on CW110.6 , then port the related file and code of AN2295 to my project , i want make a bootloader on cw10.6 about TWR-K60.

While i do not know where i have wrong configuration , please see the attachment , this is my project .

And when i download the project to my board ,it show this :



And i think maybe my linker file does not configure right, while i do not know where am i wrong ,  any help is appreciate.

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