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MAC-ENET doesn't send data in TX

Question asked by Torben Luedeking on Apr 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2015 by Rene Kolarik

Hello everyone,


We are currently trying to get Linux running on our custom Board.

At this point i'm realy exhausted because of the MAC_ENET.

The Kernel Source we are using is intended for the Vybrid and we are just modifing it

to fit our needs. The Bootloader which is loading the Kernel and preparing the clock settings, is our

own source.


On boot the PHY controller is found and the corresponding driver is loaded. Additionaly

i get informed if the ethernet-cable is pluged in. I assume this information are transfered via MDIO.


But at the point where "sending discover..." is issued by BusyBox i cant see any action on the

TXEN Pin(Oscilloscope used).


My question is now, what could be the Problem assuming, that the Kernel code is correct.

//Kernelcode works with the corresponding example board. Based on the fact, that the action i want to see is pure vybrid and not depending on the architekture/board below.