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i.MX6: How do I get from the Pinmux Utility XML to a DCD

Question asked by Florian Doerfler on Apr 20, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2015 by Florian Doerfler

I understand that I have to configure the pins used for loading the Bootloader in the DCD, so that they get configured correctly before the Bootloader starts. The hardware developers use the Pin Muxing Utility to manage the pins of the device. The barebox bootloader (and I expect also others) takes an ".imxcfg" file at compile time to build a binary DCD. So my desired Workflow is:


Pin Muxing Itility -> ? -> ".imxcfg" -> Boot Loader Tool -> Binary DCD


So the question is, what is the tool in the question mark. Does it exist or do I have to write the DCD input (.imxcfg) file by hand? Or do I go about it the wrong way?


Regards Florian