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uBoot iMX6 Quad versus Dual (differentiation)

Question asked by Julio Cruz on Apr 18, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2015 by Julio Cruz

Hi All,


I have two boards:


  1. QUAD with 2GB DDR3
  2. DUAL with 1GB DDR3


I would like to create a unified u-boot that could setup/config the RAM in SPL stage.


My question is: there is a way to know if the board have a QUAD or DUAL?


The function "get_cpu_rev" does not help too much. Additionally, the current header definitions seems no have the dual:


#define MXC_CPU_MX510x51
#define MXC_CPU_MX530x53
#define MXC_CPU_MX6SL0x60
#define MXC_CPU_MX6DL0x61
#define MXC_CPU_MX6SOLO0x62
#define MXC_CPU_MX6Q0x63