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imx6q-board, running ddr-stress-test-mx6dq, using JTAG

Question asked by Tobias Maier on Apr 17, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2015 by Sinan Akman



we want to calibrate ddr3-RAM on a imx6-quad-board with "ddr-stress-test-mx6dq......." (for loading with JTAG).


Our imx6-board is running at the moment by booting a minimum imx6-config over JTAG

(using BDI3000 debugger). We are able to communicate to the board in this way. Also

it ist possible to load DDR_Stress_Tester_V1.0.3_UART1_for_SDboot&JTAG elf-file

to address 0x00907000 in iRAM.


The TX/RX pad - configuration for UART1 was done (CSI0_DAT10/ALT3, CSI0_DAT11/ALT3).


Nevertheless we didn´t get any output on the serial UART1 console after starting the "ddr-stress-test"

with the command "go 0x0090700" in debugger-console.


We tried out to configure the UART1 (-registers) to match with RS232 and a baudrate of 115200Kbps.

But nothing will happen at the serial console.


I think we have to do the the configuration of the board in the imx6-config-file of the BDI3000 (like done

by u-boot when using usb-variante) to initialize basically for using "ddr-stress-test" .


Does anybody have a kind of user manual that decribes the main line we have to go to run the

"ddr-stress-test". I always found the things for u-boot/usb-actions.


Thank you very much for your help,