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Calculating a CRC16 and placing it in an SRecord file.

Discussion created by cameronp cameronp on Nov 15, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2010 by Alexander Fries
Does anyone know if its possible to tell the compiler or linker to calculate a 16-bit CRC using polonomial 0xA001 over multiple pages (banked addresses) or a few ranges of addresses (global addresses) and placing the bytes in reverse order at a specific address.
I have tried to using the CHECKSUM method via the linker parameter (prm) file, but it seems that it can only perform the calculation on one section and then have to place the CRC at the location specified by the INTO section and not byte reversed.
I am using a HCS12XE device with Codewarrior 4.6.  Not sure what more information is needed, but please ask if you need more info.
Help would be greatly appreciated as I would prefer getting the compiler/linker doing this for me instead of having to write yet another tool to do this.
Thanks in advance for your response,