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MPC5200 mscan timing parameters

Question asked by Albrecht Moll on Apr 17, 2015
Latest reply on May 1, 2015 by Albrecht Moll

We are trying to evaluate MPC5200B for SAE J1939-14 (500 kBit/s) which poses requirements for bit processing time. I did not find any AC timing parameters  (e.g. for loss of arbitration) for mscan. Where can I find these?


Our design also employs galvanic isolation with additional propagation delays.

For your understanding: SAE J1939-14 states:

5.4 Time Delay

The total delay allowed for the ECU is 390 ns. This is the sum of all of the following delays:

Bus input signal to transceiver RXD logic output

CAN controller logic processing

Transceiver TXD logic input to bus output signal

Common mode choke or other filtering components


We need numbers on 'CAN controller logic processing'