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MC9S08PA4 - Uart 115200 - SCI0_D errors

Question asked by GIACOMO Guarriera on Apr 17, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2015 by Tony Papadimitriou

Hello All,


i'm using a freescale micro, MC9S08PA4 family.

Using Uart in polling, i find a problem when setting baud rate to 115200, trasmitting ascii character, these ones will be corrupted.

I mean, sending char 'S'= 0x53, i receive 0x83 Hex value.

I tried to set all the bites of internal data register (SCI0_D) but nothing. 

I make a series of testings, and as results this corruption happended only when using this specific baudrate.

The same datas sended, once setted different baudrate, doesn't happend. Someone could help me or explain why happend this?